A selection of our cases and projects we been working on

logo portfolio kygo

Bluetooth services, App integration

X by Kygo AS

Software architect and technical expert for design and implementation of next generation Bluetooth stereo headset, including support for remote firmware upgrade over-the-air (OTA) support from iOS/Android apps.

Bluetooth services, App integration

Phoniro AB

Xamarin based cross-platform app specification and system development/implementation to control Bluetooth (RFCOMM & BLE) enabled smart locks in an energy-efficient way.

logo portfolio Phoniro AB
logo 3M Peltor

Bluetooth services


Design and implementation from scratch of the next generation Bluetooth communication platform adding support for multipoint and automatic activity coordination and conflict detection/resolution as well as dual-mode support as a highly dynamic BLE central & peripheral to connect with various ecosystems and companion apps.

Bluetooth services


Extended AIAIAI’s Bluetooth firmware to support Google’s new pairing-mechanism; GFPS (Google Fast Pairing Service), as well as to support firmware upgrade over-the-air (OTA) via iOS/Android apps.

logo portfolio AIAIAI ApS
logo portfolio Audiodo AB

Bluetooth services

Audiodo AB

Provided a Bluetooth headset code-base/platform to allow for personalised audio using proprietary DSP algorithms to compensate/normalise perceived audio using EQ filters based on a user’s unique hearing degradation. 

Bluetooth services, App integration

Earin AB

Software architecture- and implementation responsible for implementing the completely cordless stereo Bluetooth headset EARIN M-1 firmware in dual-mode (Bluetooth classic and Low-energy combined), along with a control-app for iOS and Android.
Responsible for Bluetooth/LE integration and over-the-air firmware upgrade support in the EARIN M-2.
logo portfolio Earin AB
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Egain International AB

Embedded Java ME for Gemalto modules in Egain’s IoT hubs monitoring facilities using Wireless MBUS sensors combined with online forecasts for efficient climate control.

Bluetooth services, App integration


Software architect and implementation of a smart lock for the home market, involving both designing the BLE peripheral lock behaviour as well as designing an iOS/Android app acting as BLE central from scratch.

logo portfolio Glue
logo Lansen


Lansen Systems AB

Implementation of a substantial test/production system to test and validate Lansen’s Wireless MBUS products, including protocol communication parsing and tools to monitor wireless data traffic in Lansen’s smart IIoT building monitoring systems.

Bluetooth services

Orlo AB

Implementation or a Bluetooth speaker platform based on QCC3031 to be used in Orlo’s module in general, and a Bluetooth-audio enabled high end chair designed by Conform Collection AB in particular.
logo portfolio Orlo AB
logo portfolio wearhaus

Bluetooth services, App integration

Wearhaus Inc.

Helped resolving a major communication roadblock with the Wearhaus Arc and iOS by writing a new solution on short notice, resulting in Wearhaus to proceed on schedule with manufacturing. Also, acting as general software architect/discussion party for BLE-related functionality