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Millsys AB was founded by Markus Millfjord in 2012 in Halmstad on Sweden’s beautiful west coast in the heart of Scandinavia. Even though Halmstad is a fairly small town, its geographical location and proximity to Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg within 1.5h, as well as Denmark and Norway, can be clearly shown by our clients’ diversity.


The idea of starting a software consultant company was a mixture of Markus’ acknowledged coding skills and deep passion for writing software, but also the social aspect of getting to meet new interesting people and exchange knowledge and experiences. There is nothing better than clients asking us to sit down and discuss the latest Bluetooth addendum, the architectural constraints of the QCC chipset, or the best way to incorporate new features into an existing code-base. The most successful projects derive from close collaboration with trust and a good understanding from all project stakeholders.


Small or big, we’ve helped startups as well as established companies to reach their goals over the years. A common factor in all projects has been Millsys’ ability to grasp the entire ecosystem and look at the bigger picture. Not only from a pragmatic point of view to find the quickest way to reach a deadline, but also from a user-experience point of view where bad architectural software decisions deep down in embedded firmwares might lead to poor user-interfaces in companion apps.
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What can we help you with?

Bluetooth services

We’ve been part of the Bluetooth community since the early days and have made numerous Bluetooth firmwares for high-end audio headsets, true wireless earbuds, heavy-duty industrial headsets as well as smart locks and other custom devices. Specialised in both classic and low-energy Bluetooth technology. We’ve ensured smooth integration with, and development of, companion apps for both iOS and Android as well as 3rd-party systems running proprietary protocols.

App integration

In an age where everything is connected and gadgets have companion apps for added value, we’ve helped designing and implementing numerous app integrations. Allowing for firmware upgrades over-the-air, custom equaliser settings to your Bluetooth headset, or secure access to your smart lock.


Highly constrained platforms for embedded systems, such as the emerging era of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), is a challenge and requires software developers with a genuine understanding of both hardware and embedded software design considerations and the consequences thereof. This is where Millsys offer extensive experience and ensure that you get a solution that you can trust.

Backend services

Millsys provides added value to gadgets by ensuring integration with existing cloud-services, or by implementing custom services, whether it’s a Bluetooth headset that wants to download a new firmware update, an app that need to get access to smart locks, or a product that delivers telemetry data.